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Coaching background:

  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Coaching experience with
    • Corporate IT, marketing, and operations leadership
    • Employees and managers in health care organizations
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Individuals seeking growth and change
  • Member of the International Coach Federation, credentialed at Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC) level
  • Certified to administer the BarOn EQ-i emotional intelligence assessment, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Facilitated 360 multi-rater assessment

Career history and areas of expertise:

  • Research and evaluation in health insurance, hospital and health system, public sector and education settings
  • Process improvement management, including Six Sigma
  • Technology project leadership, including web-based and mainframe projects
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing and business planning
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Measurement, including Balanced Scorecard
  • Forecasting


  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia
  • Master of Arts, Political Science (research methodology and public policy emphases), The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • Bachelor of Arts, Chinese, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Personal statement:
My strengths in coaching come from a rich and diverse career ranging from research to marketing to operations. In nearly 20 years of business, I have succeeded in a variety of roles, always seeking more opportunities for growth and learning. Above all, I place personal integrity and truth seeking at the core of my work and personal lives. The variety of my experiences has taught me to work effectively with a diverse array of people. All of these factors enable me to be a valuable partner with the people I coach as they pursue their goals.