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Set example and get team involved to meet training goals

Coach's Corner-December 21, 2009

Q. I lead a division in a city government unit, and have a great, stable team. I’d like to invest in their professional development, maybe focusing on emotional intelligence, but budgets are simply too tight. What can I do on the cheap to help them continue to grow and remain engaged?

A. Set an example of growth, involve them in planning, and give them time.

The inner game
It’s easy to say “I would, if only I could afford it!” It’s... Read More >>

Posted December 21, 2009 Comments 1 Additional Resources

Going from analytical to creative is no small challenge

Coach's corner--November 23, 2009

Q. My development goal for the year is to develop more creative thinking skills. My boss said he’d like me to balance my analytical skills somewhat. I’m just not sure how to do this. Your thoughts?

A. Pursue your goal by trying some new things, and by doing other things in new ways.

The inner game
This is what your boss wants … and how do you feel about it? Engaged? Skeptical? Cynical? He may have provided a great idea that you’re... Read More >>

Posted November 22, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Doctor looks for prescription to regain passion for job

Coach's Corner--November 16, 2009

Q. I have a good job in my field doing meaningful work. I’m appreciated and rewarded, so there are no real problems, but I feel very detached and unengaged. Is this a warning sign?   What should I do?

A. Careers have normal ebbs and flows, but consider whether this goes beyond that and explore ways to re-engage.

The inner game
Relax. Take a deep breath. No need to panic or worry. Let the chatter in your mind about what’s going on slip away so... Read More >>

Posted November 18, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

If you want more recognition, take credit for your ideas

Coach's Corner--November 9, 2009

Q. I pride myself on having good ideas and doing good work quietly without a lot of flash.   However, I’m getting tired of other people — including my boss — taking credit for my contributions. Suggestions?

A. If you want more recognition, let the people around you know that you’re stepping up.

The inner game
It’ll help to have a vision for how you’d like to interact and be perceived. If you accept that you’ll need... Read More >>

Posted November 9, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

When firing someone, be calm and focus on your decision

Coach's Corner--November 2, 2009

Q. I have an underperforming employee whom I’m going to have to fire. I hate this part of my job, and I’m second-guessing myself. How can I manage this situation, both for her sake and mine?

A. Get your emotions in hand and become clear on where responsibility lies to help you move forward.

The inner game
First, ease your anxiety. Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Let it help you become calm, and concentrate on having a sense that the right... Read More >>

Posted November 1, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Newly minted executive feeling uncertain in the job

Coach's Corner--October 26, 2009

Q. In a move that surprised me, I was promoted to an executive level a while back. My performance reviews have been OK; however, other senior leaders have questioned whether I’m consistently operating at that level. I sometimes wonder whether I have the “executive presence” to do the job effectively. I’m thinking about requesting a move back down a level. Is this too risky? What do you suggest?

A. It’ll help to sort out what you’d like to be... Read More >>

Posted October 26, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Soldier looks to start marching toward post-Army career

Coach's Corner--October 19, 2009

Q. I’m preparing to move from the U.S. Army into the civilian world. This task is daunting, and I need help figuring out what career field to move into and how to leverage my skills and experience in starting my new career. How might I find an accessible job market in which I will be successful?

A. You’re facing a huge change that includes both what you do and what your workplace is like. Today’s column focuses on selecting a career. A future column will... Read More >>

Posted October 18, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Q. You've written about making decisions in times of change; however, our challenges have less to do with the current uncertain environment, and more to do with lack of skill in making decisions. We tend to be a very risk-averse group that is reluctant to stand by decisions. What would you suggest?
A. Develop a structure for decisionmaking, along with risk management strategies to help your boss, team members and peers move forward.

The inner game
Paralysis results when the risks... Read More >>

Posted October 11, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Chew upon this: Gum gets readers' opinions flowing

Coach's Corner--October 5, 2009

Nothing gets readers going like gum-chewing at work.

People who dislike it are particularly vehement. If you’re a chewer, you might want to take this reader’s perspective into account: “I interface daily with the management and leadership of a large corporation. Expectations for demeanor in meetings and personal communications are very clear. An employee who chooses to chew gum in a meeting or conversation with a customer, client or regulatory representative would... Read More >>

Posted October 4, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Communication is best way to build morale, and it's free

Coach's Corner--September 28, 2009

Q. Morale is down because business is down, we’ve had to trim staff several times, and customers seem crankier than usual. Customer service is suffering, and I’ve no budget for any material incentives beyond the current pay structure. Any ideas for motivating my staff?

A. Address any damage from the past and explore intangible ways to invest in your team.

The inner game
For starters, how is your own morale? Do you believe that your business can move... Read More >>

Posted September 28, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Problem-solving ideas are worthless if no one listens

Coach's Corner--September 21, 2009

Q. Our company has developed some persistent quality problems, and I have some really good ideas to help improve things. However, I can't get anyone to listen -- got any ideas?

A. Double-check your ideas and approach, then try some new strategies to get your ideas heard.

The inner game
Start by looking at your attitude. Your question hints at victimhood, so be sure that you aren't falling into the martyr trap. Focus on positive goals, such as better service to customers or better... Read More >>

Posted September 20, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

A layoff, a move, and retraining for the future

Coach's Corner--September 14, 2009

Q. After being laid off last year, I moved to a new city and started a two-year retraining program to become more advanced in my field. What should I do now to be ready to rejoin the workforce once my schooling is complete?

A. Plan for the future while keeping your primary focus in the present. This will help you be ready for anything in an unpredictable environment.

The inner game
First, be able to articulate your vision for yourself, what you want to achieve,... Read More >>

Posted September 14, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Find out why the boss wants details

Coach's Corner--August 31, 2009

Q. I’m trying to change my boss’ expectations about how much operational data I have top-of-mind. He (the CEO) asks about very micro points in meetings; if I spent time tracking that, I wouldn’t have time for the important aspects of my job. Suggestions?

A. Taken to an extreme, a focus on detail can cause an executive to become a data parrot. But sufficient information is needed to ensure sound decisions. The key is finding a balance.

The inner game... Read More >>

Posted August 31, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Trial, error can beat e-mail overload

Coach's Corner--August 24, 2009

Thanks, readers: E-mail presents challenges, but you've provided plenty of tips about managing it.

Filters and folders are key to successful e-mail management for one reader, who writes: "I receive hundreds of e-mails each day. I created 30-40 different filters to move incoming messages to folders. This helps tremendously in keeping e-mail organized."

This approach created more problems than it solved for another reader. "I used to spend hours or days sorting my inbox into... Read More >>

Posted August 24, 2009 Comments 1 Additional Resources

Don't snap at a gum-chewing boss

Coach's Corner--August 17, 2009

Q. I'm concerned that my boss doesn't behave professionally -- she even chews gum in meetings! I'm afraid to look like a professional snob, but I think she's making us look bad. Can you write about it so we can put your column on her chair?

A. Focus on controlling your own reactions, then decide what steps to take.

The inner game
There are many things in life you can't control. Other people's behavior, especially that of your boss, leads the list. You can, however, pay attention to how... Read More >>

Posted August 17, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Make email work for you, instead of the other way around

Coach's Corner--August 10, 2009

Q. My e-mail inbox gets more loaded every day, and staying on top of it is keeping me from getting other things done. I feel like it’s running my life — what can I do?

A. Turn e-mail into a useful tool with the priority it deserves, rather than letting it be your master.

The inner game
You can have a healthy relationship with e-mail. For you, what would that look like? Imagine the practical aspects — the volume, sources, and purposes — as... Read More >>

Posted August 10, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Decide if you or your boss needs to change--and be careful

Coach's Corner--August 3, 2009

Q. My new boss is smart, competent, and a willing and able mentor. Yet she is also a bit of a drama queen; no detail is too small to lose some sleep over. How do I navigate this otherwise positive relationship without getting caught up in the angst that seems to follow her like an evil twin?

A. Get specific about her behavior and its effects, and look for ways to manage your own responses.

The inner game
It’ll help to know what you want to accomplish. Are... Read More >>

Posted August 2, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

In lean corporate times, take charge of own training

Coach's Corner--July 27, 2009

Q. I work for a company that has always provided good training benefits. With the recession, they’ve cut back on a lot of the services available to us. I understand their decision but wonder what I can do to continue to develop my skills.

A. Step into the driver’s seat and pursue new development resources and approaches.

The inner game
Clarify what you’re trying to accomplish with additional development. What do you want to learn, and why do you... Read More >>

Posted July 26, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Slow down and make team your top priority

Coach's Corner--July 20, 2009

Q. My team is well-intentioned and hard-working, yet often gets off on the wrong track on their projects. I’m often in a hurry and think I might not be giving clear direction. How can I improve?

A. Slow down long enough to get clear on your expectations, and learn some simple steps for assigning work effectively.

The inner game
A frenzied pace may be your main foe. Observe yourself, noticing how much time you set aside for reflection and planning. I often... Read More >>

Posted July 19, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

List your skills, create network to find new line of work

Coach's Corner--July 13, 2009

Q. I’ve been looking for a job in my field for some time, and I’ve concluded that I should find a new line of work. Can you help me get started?

A. Bring skills, interests and opportunities together to make a new plan.

The inner game
Start by building some hope. There is a lot of bad job news out there, yet people are finding new positions. You can be one of them. Focus on the positives as you analyze your experience and the environment.

Take a... Read More >>

Posted July 13, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Find some calm, get organized

Coach's Corner--July 6, 2009

Q. Things are very hectic for me at work, with lots of different responsibilities and projects. I actually think I have enough time to get everything done, but I just lose track of things and feel overwhelmed by them.

A. When the to-do list gets long, take a breather, get focused and use some organizational tools to get things under control.

The inner game
Start by calming down and easing the adrenaline rush. Try whatever works for you — a quiet timeout, a... Read More >>

Posted July 6, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Keeping three bosses happy takes a good juggler

Coach's Corner--June 29, 2009

Q. I have three bosses. I report to one directly and two are "dotted-line" bosses who give me work direction in my role of supporting their business units. It's really hard to keep my priorities clear with so many folks in charge, and it's really starting to get to me. Your advice?

A. Being effective in a matrixed environment calls for planning, finesse and lots of communication.

The inner game
Take a deep breath! Life in organizations comes with competing agendas and... Read More >>

Posted June 28, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

What can you do if the boss is a no-show?

Coach's Corner--June 22, 2009

Q. What do you suggest to a newly hired vice president whose boss is too busy and distracted to meet with her? My boss doesn’t respond to e-mails or voicemails, and after six months, he finally set up our first one-hour meeting to discuss expectations and obtain feedback at the request of his coach.

A. Your boss’ role for you should be twofold: to help you be effective in your new position and to help you develop for your next one. Since you can’t rely on... Read More >>

Posted June 21, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Build visibility to help avoid a layoff

Coach's Corner--June 15, 2009

Q. I like the company I work for and am happy to still have my job, but I suspect that more layoffs are coming. How can I cut the chances that I’ll be on that list?

A. Take ownership of your career and let your higher-ups know your value.

The inner game
First, focus on the assets you bring to the company. Many of us are too humble about what we’re good at, so in the privacy of your own mind, list your abilities and accomplishments. Consider how your... Read More >>

Posted June 15, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

How to get going again after downsizing

Coach's Corner--June 8, 2009

Q. Our company has done some downsizing, which we hope is behind us. However, morale is low right when we need to get going. How can I help the survivors adjust to our “new normal”?

A. Use honesty and inspiration to help your company move forward.

The inner game
To start, know how you’d like the mood at your company to feel. Picture the ideal employee-customer relationship, dynamics among people, and management style of your leadership team. Focus less on... Read More >>

Posted June 7, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

The coach replies to her doubters

Time for another readers' response column, but with a twist. Let me summarize recent feedback in a question.
Dear Liz: It seems as if you're not living in the real world. The world is full of discrimination, bad bosses and unhappy workplaces. It's a jungle out there. You make it sound as if you can just follow a few easy steps and all will be well. Get real!
Liz replies: Thanks for challenging me on this; it's valuable to examine my own assumptions. Your perspective seems to be... Read More >>

Posted May 31, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Same old job, but a new boss

Coach's Corner--May 25, 2009

I still have my job—sort of.   Because I have a new boss, it feels new.   With all of the reorganizing that’s happened in my company, I’m losing my bearings.   I had relied on the long time relationship I had with my manager, and wonder how I can get re-established.  

Stay calm, focus on your work, and take action to build a relationship with your new boss.

The inner game
Steady yourself.   Notice everything... Read More >>

Posted May 25, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Solving the case of the disappearing coworker

Coach's Corner--May 18, 2009

Q. I have a co-worker who leaves early every day and is frequently away from his desk during the course of the day. We get along very well; however, I'm getting angry about covering for him. When I talk to him, he straightens up for a bit and then is back to his old ways. My management doesn't handle these things directly or effectively, and I'm not sure what to do.

A. Clarify your responsibility and focus on getting through to him about the consequences of his behavior.

The inner game... Read More >>

Posted May 17, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Reigniting your passion for the job

Coach's Corner--May 11, 2009

Q. I’d like to make a career change, but the weak economy and my practical concerns don’t make that feasible. Do you have ideas on how I can get fired up about what I’m doing so I have more fun in my current role?

A. Tap into your vision for yourself, know what gives you satisfaction, and bring that into your current job.

The inner game
Recognize what makes you happy. Setting aside what you “should” like, think about what you do like.... Read More >>

Posted May 10, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Stay calm, learn expectations and culture in a new job

Coach's Corner--May 4, 2009

Q. I just landed a new position after being laid off, and I want to get off to a good start. I’ll be managing an existing team and working in a much smaller company than before. What suggestions do you have for me?

A. To get a smooth start, learn the company’s culture, take your time and demonstrate your value.

The inner game
Stay calm. It’s easy to become overeager when you’re going into a new role and want to prove that they made a good... Read More >>

Posted May 3, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Managing the relationship with an out-of-town boss

Coach's Corner--April 27, 2009

Q. My boss is located in another part of the country. I’m comfortable working independently, except that when she does get engaged, she makes a lot of disruptive changes in my team’s work direction. How can I keep us on the same page?

A. Have a good process and communicate clearly to keep on track with your boss.

The inner game
Assess your process. How do you check in about projects and priorities? If this hasn’t been specifically thought out,... Read More >>

Posted April 27, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Older job applicants need to break out of the stereotypes

Coach's Corner--April 20, 2009

Q. I was laid off early this year and have been looking hard for a job since then. I’ve gotten some interviews, but no offers. I’m older, and I’m concerned that my age is working against me. Any advice?

A. Whether or not age is a factor, present yourself in a way that subtly challenges the stereotypes of older employees.

The inner game
Control your attitude. Develop a perspective of confidence and patience. If you feel beaten down, remind yourself... Read More >>

Posted April 19, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Help employees learn to deal with conflict on their own

Coach's Corner--April 13, 2009

Q. Several members of my new team think there’s no conflict too small to involve me, and they don’t talk first with the colleague with whom they’re having a problem. This doesn’t seem to be age- or gender-specific, and working case by case hasn’t helped. How can I promote more constructive conflict resolution with the whole team?

A. People avoid conflict because it scares them, and they don’t know how to deal with it. Provide skills and... Read More >>

Posted April 12, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Set behavior expectations, but listen to layoff concerns

Coach's Corner--April 6, 2009

Q. I usually agree with your “stay positive and focus on what you control” approach, but that’s increasingly challenging. My employer is contemplating layoffs to close a budget gap that is smaller than some of the “bonuses” being paid to individuals at failing Wall Street companies. I’m seeing a lot more anger among my direct reports. Anger added to fear is a toxic mix, one I’m feeling myself. Help!

A. Last week’s column... Read More >>

Posted April 5, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Dealing with anger brought on by the threat of layoffs

Coach's Corner--March 30, 2009

Q. I usually agree with your "stay positive and focus on what you control" approach, but that's increasingly challenging. My employer is contemplating layoffs to close a budget gap that is smaller than some of the "bonuses" being paid to individuals at failing Wall Street companies. I'm seeing a lot more anger among my direct reports. Anger added to fear is a toxic mix, and I'm feeling it myself. Help!

A. Anger can be motivating, but it can also be corrosive,... Read More >>

Posted March 29, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

There are ways to ease the workplace into a workout

March 23, 2009

Q. You often recommend exercise as a way to cope with stress. For me (and the team I manage), that’s easier said than done. Could you help me think through realistic ways to be more active myself, along with ways to help work it into our workplace routine without seeming to waste time or be a drill sergeant?

A. Start by thinking through ways to make changes yourself, and then consider steps to take in the workplace.

The inner game
Know your starting point.... Read More >>

Posted March 22, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Workplace chatterbox irks "can-do" employee

Coach's Corner--March 16, 2009

Q. I have a co-worker who spends a good portion of her day chatting. She is likable, and I don’t think management sees her as a problem because I’ve complained and nothing has changed. I am a “can do” type, but often I ask myself why I am working so hard. How can I control my mind and keep myself thinking positive?

A. To help stay positive, consider whether there really is a business problem. If there is, try new ways to communicate the effects. If... Read More >>

Posted March 18, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

When negotiating a raise, navigate carefully

Coach's Corner--March 9, 2009

Q. I'm up for a promotion, and this is my chance to negotiate a good raise. I'm concerned that I'll undersell myself, especially with the economy being poor. Any suggestions?

A. Knowing your own relationship with money and being clear on your value to the company will help you plan an effective salary negotiation.

The inner game
Know what you want. Many people, especially women, ask for too little and undervalue their contributions. As you consider how much to ask for, look at what... Read More >>

Posted March 8, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

How does older manager fit in amid younger co-workers?

Coach's Corner--March 2, 2009

Q. I'm an older employee in a youngish company. We all get along, but often I just don't understand my co-workers. They seem to feel the same way about me. I think the work would get done better if we communicated better. Any tips?

The inner game
Take a closer look. Assess whether there are real, work-hindering barriers, or if they are mostly your internal concerns. If you have anxiety over getting older, recognize that you're not alone, and take stock of the benefits that come from... Read More >>

Posted March 1, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Readers talk back

Coach's Corner--February 23, 2009

It's time to hear friom readers again.
We've had a lively discussion about "A key to controlling anger is to not let anger control you" (Dec. 7).  One reader noted that "I knew I regularly lost patience with people who didn't ask for help when they had problems or questions. What I didn't realize, until a colleague pointed it out, was that the opposite was also true: that I was very patient with people who did. This helped me to avoid some blow-ups by encouraging folks... Read More >>

Posted February 22, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Manager needs help finding new ways to reach goals

Coach's Corner--February 16, 2009

Q. The leader of one of my company’s major operational units sees reorganization as the solution to all of the challenges we face. How can I get her to broaden her management skill set and find other solutions?

A. It’s up to you to define parameters for her management decisions while providing the mentoring and training she needs.

The inner game
Check your baggage. What’s your reaction to the situation? You may feel like taking over out of... Read More >>

Posted February 15, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Going slow is about working smart, not about doing less

Coach's Corner--February 9, 2009

Q. Your advice is always to slow down and take a look at a situation before acting. But my team and I are up to our necks in alligators and we're supposed to do more with less. Where do we find time to slow down? We need to produce.

A. Measure twice, cut once. This deliberate approach makes sense for building a house or making a dress. It's harder to see when working with people, but it's just as important.
The inner game
Slowing down is not about doing less; it is about working... Read More >>

Posted February 8, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

After taking that deep breath, pursue job that best fits you

Coach's Corner-February 2, 2009

Q. I just found out that I'm being laid off. I'm in shock, and wonder what I should do to get my feet back under me.
A. Last week's column focused on the emotional aftermath; now, it's time for action.

The inner game
Consider what you'd like. What have you enjoyed and what would you just as soon leave behind? If you love what you've been doing, look for something similar. However, this may be a chance to try something new. Or, market forces may force you to change. As you consider... Read More >>

Posted February 2, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Assess, adjust after layoff before job-hunting

Coach's Corner--January 26, 2009

Q. I just found out that I'm being laid off. I'm in shock, and wondering what I should do to get my feet back under me.

A. Focus on your personal well-being and take stock of your situation. Then begin to think about your next steps.

The inner game
You've had a big shock -- let yourself feel it. Notice everything that's going on inside. You may feel anger and resentment, likely mixed with fear. It won't help to deny or repress these feelings, so start by identifying them.

Be open to... Read More >>

Posted January 25, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Workaholic nearly died, now wants balance

Coach's Corner--January 19, 2009

Q. I'm back at work after an extended medical leave. In my absence, my staff did a great job and the higher-ups were most supportive. After almost dying, I'm not willing to be the workaholic I once was. How do I re-engage without being overcome by the madness that infects most workplaces?

A. While re-engaging, focus on creating a healthy environment for both yourself and your colleagues.

The inner game
Pause to reflect. Take time for gratitude for your recovery and for the... Read More >>

Posted January 18, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

If you're being outperformed, take stock and take action

Coach's Corner--January 12, 2009

Q. How do I deal with a younger co-worker who is better at our job than I am? He has much more knowledge about the technical side of our work and I feel worried about my job security.

A. Your co-worker isn't the main issue; the big question is how you cope in an ever-changing work environment.

The inner game
Evaluate the situation and your responses. Your practical concern is job security. What's underneath? Jealousy? Anger? Maybe a sense that you'll be passed over for promotion?... Read More >>

Posted January 11, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Keeping your head clear of dust bunnies

Coach's Corner--January 5, 2009

Q. I generally enjoy my work, but I routinely feel kind of fuzzy in the afternoon. I'd like to be more productive in the second half of my workday. Any suggestions?

A. It takes just a quick break to regain your momentum, especially if you build a repertoire of techniques to rest your mind and build your energy.

The inner game
Give yourself permission. Some people think that taking breaks is slacking, especially if you're doing something that looks frivolous. However, recharging... Read More >>

Posted January 4, 2009 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Felon needs to ask for help in job search

December 29, 2008

Q. Do you know how to get a job when you have a criminal background? I have a felony on my record from an incident more than seven years ago. I’ve gotten help for my anger and haven’t had any problems since, but never get interviews when I apply for jobs.

A. It’s hard to get a job once you have a criminal record. Focus on relationships to increase your chances.

The inner game
Explore your options. Look at your skills, be open to different roles,... Read More >>

Posted December 28, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

To have more people in your circle, increase your radius

Coach's Corner--December 22, 2008

Q. I have a job I like and some good friends, but I feel somewhat isolated professionally. I’d like to feel more connected with other people. Where can I start?

A. When you think about building relationships in business, focus on giving. Finding ways to help others will bring you meaningful and lasting connections.

The inner game
Visualize your goal. Explore your reasons for seeking additional connections. Fear may be your driver: If you lose your job, who... Read More >>

Posted December 21, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Supervising former peers is opportunity to grow as leader

Coach's Corner--December 15, 2008

Q. I was recently promoted to supervisor, and my former peers are now my direct reports. The person who seems least happy, and probably expected the promotion, is also one of our worst performers. We’re a small, informal company. How do I deal with my new responsibilities without seeming to take myself too seriously?

A. Transforming existing relationships when you move into a new role can be challenging. Treat it as an opportunity for dramatic growth in your leadership skills.... Read More >>

Posted December 14, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

A key to controlling anger is to not let anger control you

Coach's Corner--December 8, 2008

Q. I’ve learned to manage my temper pretty well over the years, but when I’m stressed I fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. I don’t like this behavior. How can I avoid it?

A. Combine a hot-headed disposition with regular day-to-day stresses, then add a dose of holiday pressure and worries about the economy. It’s a recipe for blow-ups, but you can bring them under control.

The inner game
Remind yourself what has worked before.... Read More >>

Posted December 7, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Education on disability may ease friction

Coach's Corner--December 1, 2008

Q. I suffer from hemiplegic migraines, an "invisible disability" that is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, management and co-workers seem to question my requests for accommodation. I feel like the poster child for "difficult" employees. Without getting on a soapbox, how can I make them aware that my condition is entitled to the same consideration as more visible disabilities?

A. Even if your employer provides all the accommodation to... Read More >>

Posted November 30, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Be prepared when going up against workplace saboteur

Coach's Corner--November 24, 2008

Q.  I work with someone who agrees with action items in meetings, but she consistently sabotages them later. What can I do?

A. Clarity, assertiveness and alliances will help you confront this situation.

The inner game
For starters, check out your feelings about the situation. “Sabotage” is a strong word; you may be angry, frustrated, or suspicious. Consider the impact of holding on to these feelings. Be realistic, but don’t let your emotions... Read More >>

Posted November 23, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Some ins and outs about how to get that promotion

Coach's Corner, November 17, 2008

Q. I was passed over — again — for a promotion I think I deserved. I get good ratings in my reviews, and my boss is positive about my work when I meet with her. What should I do?

A To move forward in your career, know what you want and learn how to ask for it.

The inner game
Resolve your emotions. You can’t undo the past, but you can control your next steps. However, carrying resentment over past decisions may get in your way. Acknowledge and... Read More >>

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Readers cover a number of live-wire issues

Coach's Corner--November 10, 2008

Let’s hear from readers again. Many of you had strong opinions on religion in the workplace, but first, let’s go to some comments on a few other topics.

Confronting blind spots (Sept. 29): One reader noted that change can require more than individual efforts. “Even if the problem is primarily with this individual, once he makes a commitment to improving his interpersonal skills (assuming he does), wouldn’t you also want to do some training on communication... Read More >>

Posted November 10, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Communicate to help employees anxious about economy

Coach's Corner--November 3, 2008

Q. My employees are concerned about the effects of the current economic downturn on our business and their futures. I’ve assured them that they’ll have jobs through 2008, but the longer-term future is more uncertain. What can I do to help them in this crisis?

A. Honest communication is paramount, along with providing opportunities to help people prepare.

The inner game
What are you sure of? What’s uncertain? Take an honest look at the situation so that... Read More >>

Posted November 2, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Faith-in-workplace issues require sensitivity and clarity

October 27, 2008

Q. I’m a new manager who inherited a supervisor whose response to most crises is “let go, let God.” While I respect her religious outlook and the equanimity it provides her, most employees need more direction, to say nothing of having different, or no, religious views. How can I approach her without seeming to mock a religiosity I don’t share?

A. Religion in the workplace is a sensitive topic; nevertheless, setting clear expectations for management... Read More >>

Posted October 26, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Fight the insecure compulsion to downplay strengths

Coach's Corner--October 20, 2008

Q. I’m pursuing a promotion that seems like the logical next step for my career. I’ve been encouraged to apply and meet all of the requirements. Yet, on the inside, I feel like I’m faking it because I’m not really qualified or ready for this step. What should I do?

A. Despite high levels of capability and achievement, people often feel that they fall short. Prevent this from limiting your next steps through an in-depth inner reality check.

The... Read More >>

Posted October 19, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Create a plan to get teams thinking outside their own turf

Coach's Corner--October 13, 2008

Q.  I lead our company’s strategic planning process, and I find that most members of the executive team focus on their business unit, rather than the good of the company. The CEO doesn’t push his team to come together, either. How can I help them see the bigger picture?

A. Perhaps it’s human nature to protect our turf. Nevertheless, overcoming this is essential to developing a good strategy.

The inner game
To bring about change,... Read More >>

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No quick answer to resolving frictions with other teams

Coach's Corner--October 6, 2008

Q.  My department produces a key element of client reports. An ownership change has brought a totally sales-focused orientation. Sales seldom consults on availability or timelines, we’re just supposed to “make it happen.” If things go well, we share little reward. If things go awry, we get the blame. My best staff members are “looking.” Should I be, too?

A. Conflict between sales and operations is all too common, and odds have increased with... Read More >>

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Help team member understand and confront blind spot

Coach's Corner--September 29, 2008

Q. A member of my leadership team has great technical talents and industry knowledge but comes up short on interpersonal skills. He’s one of our high-potential people, but he will likely miss the cut unless he learns to interact effectively. However, he doesn’t think there’s a problem. How can we get through to him?

A. Even very talented people can have career-limiting blind spots. Understanding the sources and confronting the issues will help open his eyes.... Read More >>

Posted September 29, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

It takes time, work to build successful international teams

Coach's Corner--September 22, 2008

Q. I lead a business unit with groups in the United States and India. We haven't figured out how to work together effectively, and I'm concerned that our quality and timeliness is suffering, not to mention morale. What could we do to become more of a team?

A. Getting people with diverse skills, competencies and styles to come together as a team is challenging. Multicultural aspects add to the complexity. Set up systems that help people work together successfully; then invest in... Read More >>

Posted September 21, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--September 15, 2008

After a lousy performance review, what's a worker to do?

Q.  I recently changed positions in an organization at which I’ve worked for more than a year. After one month, I was e-mailed a very negative review. I was devastated that my supervisor didn’t give me the feedback in a verbal review and responded as such. What, short of looking for a new job, can I do to become motivated again after such an experience?

A. To get back on your feet, address your concerns about the feedback process; also, look for ways that... Read More >>

Posted September 14, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--September 8, 2008

How can disruptive co-worker be reined in at meetings?

Q. I work with a gentleman who is disruptive in meetings. He talks incessantly on topics irrelevant to the agenda, and it’s difficult to steer the discussion back on track. I worry when he attends a meeting during which crucial business must be accomplished. I’m not his boss, but I facilitate these meetings. Any suggestions?

A. Manage your colleague by setting clear expectations for meeting behavior and maintaining a relentless focus on your meeting’s... Read More >>

Posted September 7, 2008 Comments 1 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--September 1, 2008

Success is fine, but how do I achieve a more fulfilling life?

Q. I’m a well-educated, professional woman who has achieved a certain amount of success and financial security, but I find myself looking for more out of my life. I’d like to get new perspectives on what’s working in my life, what isn’t and how to move forward. Can you help?

A. When you’re on a search for more meaning, there’s no substitute for going deep and then acting on those insights.

The inner game
Start with... Read More >>

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Coach's Corner--August 25, 2008

You got the job--now how do you keep up your networking?

Q. I find networking hard to do, but I actively did it while I was looking for a job. Now that I’m back at work, I’m facing the challenge of staying in touch with my network. Any suggestions?

A. Building relationships while you maintain your own energy will help you sustain a strong network.

The inner game
First, think about why you find it difficult to network. Some people see networking as manipulative, while others are reserved and find it hard to... Read More >>

Posted August 24, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--August 18, 2008

Readers talk back

It’s time again to hear from readers. I’ll share your tips on managing e-mail, along with comments on several earlier columns.

Managing e-mail (July 14): Many readers have useful strategies for managing e-mail. One cleans out her inbox completely once a day, forwarding some e-mails to online to-do lists for future attention. “The idea is that you manage what you can manage quickly (two minutes or less) when you first open e-mail, then you forward other e-mails... Read More >>

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Coach's Corner--August 11, 2008

Development plans don't have to overwhelm a manager

Q.  I’ve been told to create a development plan for myself. I’m also supposed to help my staff with their annual development planning. There aren’t a lot of guidelines, and I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

A. The essence of development planning is determining where you want to grow, brainstorming ideas to achieve the growth, and finding the resources to help you.

The inner game
Before you start, let go of feeling overwhelmed... Read More >>

Posted August 10, 2008 Comments 1 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--August 4, 2008

Getting the go-ahead to go ahead from a reluctant boss

Q. My boss seems to agree with my approach to rolling out a major project in our company. However, he’s been reluctant to give me approval to proceed because of peer pressure. How do I overcome this?

A. Clarify the source of the issues, gain insight into your boss’ situation and show commitment to his success in order to accomplish your goal.

The inner game
Before going into your boss’ shoes, check your attitude. Delays, backtracking, or mixed... Read More >>

Posted August 4, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--July 28, 2008

Returning to workplace post-illness takes timing, finesse

Q. I’m planning to re-enter the workforce after an 18-month absence for treatment of leukemia. What’s the best way for me to reflect this gap in employment on my résumé without hurting my chances of being viewed as a good candidate? I have no problem being forthcoming about my illness, but I would rather discuss it during an interview.

A. Your situation calls for sharing the right information at the right time and developing a résumé... Read More >>

Posted July 27, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--July 21, 2008

To understand what the boss wants, understand the boss

Q.  My boss isn’t very clear in his expectations for me, so I often feel like I’m falling short and not doing what I should be doing. How can I make this better?

A. Understanding and communication are the keys to improving your situation, and it’s up to you to take the lead.

The inner game
Start by reminding yourself that both you and your boss want you to be successful at your job. (If this isn’t true for your boss, then you have a... Read More >>

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Coach's Corner--July 14, 2008

Get the big picture, then master your tasks

Q.  I have so many tasks on my plate that I often don’t know what to do first. The e-mail flow is so heavy that I don’t know how to organize it so I can determine my next actions, let alone find time to do them. How can I get out of these trees so I can see the forest?

A. Once you know what your forest looks like, you’ll be able to see which trees fit. You’ll then be able get organized and take action.

The inner game
Step away from the... Read More >>

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Coach's Corner--July 7, 2008

Envision your next role while growing in today's job

Q.  I work as a counselor and enjoy connecting with and inspiring my clients. What keeps me even more motivated is thinking of ways to improve our business. I like being the visionary, but I work in an environment where change can take a while. Should I keep trying, or redirect my visioning to my life, another company or my own business?

A. As you move through your career, it's natural to see new interests emerge. The challenge is to grow while you're still working in your... Read More >>

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Coach's corner--June 30, 2008

Be direct in tackling communication problem with peer

Q.  I haven't been able to successfully partner with a peer. He's friendly in meetings, but he doesn't answer e-mails, return phone calls or attend scheduled one-on-ones. It's important for us to have a strong working relationship and it doesn't feel right to go over his head. How do I overcome this?

A. Being direct is your best bet in this situation. But the tactics you use will depend on the underlying causes of the situation.

The inner game
Start... Read More >>

Posted June 29, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--June 23, 2008

To motivate your team, loosen your grip on the controls

Q. I lead a talented team of professionals. Recently they told me that I run on ahead and don’t let them catch up. As a result, they feel left out of decisions and are losing their motivation. I just like to get things done. How do I handle this?

A. In addition to making decisions and getting work done through your own efforts, leading a team depends on inspiring and motivating your team members. Stepping away from your overused strengths to develop new ones will help... Read More >>

Posted June 22, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--June 16, 2008

Use empathy, clarity to get employee to accept feedback

Q. What do I do about an employee who can’t accept any even slightly negative feedback? For example, I’ve been accused of “harassing” him for requiring that all documents be edited for grammar and spelling errors before being sent to an outside recipient. How can I turn this around so that someone who is otherwise talented can be retained rather than fired?

A. When you encounter this type of wall, try to understand and overcome the resistance to... Read More >>

Posted June 16, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--June 9, 2008

Self-awareness can help bullying boss change behavior

Q. I’ve read the bullying boss columns (April 28 and May 26), and I’m concerned that they describe me. How can I recognize this and change my management style?

A. It takes courage to confront an uncomfortable possibility; this willingness to take a risk will help you move forward into a more constructive leadership style.

The inner game
First, focus on the person you know you are on the inside — your gifts, your hopes, and your vision for your... Read More >>

Posted June 9, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--June 2, 2008

You can share work, add skills without lowering standards

Q.  I find it hard to delegate tasks to others. As a result, I don’t spend enough time on the strategy-related aspects of my job. A co-worker told me I have “control issues.” My boss says I need to stop being a perfectionist. But I feel that I need to do it all myself to be sure it’s done correctly. I’m pretty conflicted here. Help!

A. Perfectionism and control create a powerful, performance-limiting trap. Changing your approach to sharing... Read More >>

Posted June 2, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--May 26, 2008

When the occupational thrill is gone, it's time to move on

Q. I wrote to you last month [April 28] about my problems with my boss — and I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. I realized that I have no passion for my job, and I want a job where I go into work excited and leave feeling like I’ve accomplished something. I’m good at my job, but I feel like there is something more out there for me. Is there anything that you could recommend for me?

A. Change can renew your passion, and choosing your... Read More >>

Posted May 26, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--May 19, 2008

There's a method to getting useful, constructive feedback

Q. Any ideas on how to solicit constructive feedback from co-workers? I usually get the extremes: thoughtless compliments or aggressive criticism. When I ask for feedback, I’m seeking neither affirmations nor a fight, just suggestions for improvement or additional perspectives that I might not have considered.

A. Candid feedback helps you grow, but it can be hard to obtain. The way you make your request and the attitude you convey can make it easier for people to give... Read More >>

Posted May 19, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--May 12, 2008

Improve life and work by taming the multitask demon

Q. Lately people are telling me that I multitask too much. Even my kids are complaining! I don’t know any other way to get everything done, and I’m afraid I’ll miss something important. Any suggestions?

A. If you try to do three things at once, you’re really only doing one, and probably not as well as if you focused. Learning to prioritize, delegate, and set boundaries can help you be more productive with less stress.

The inner game
To cut... Read More >>

Posted May 11, 2008 Comments 1 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--May 5, 2008

To review, here's what we've learned

It's time to catch up on comments from Coach's Corner readers. Responses have been forthcoming for many columns, but none as much as last week's column about bully bosses. More on that later.

First, a quick roundup of comments about other columns:

Minimizing distractions: One cube-dwelling reader noted that when he really needs to focus, he books a conference room for a meeting with himself. "I temporarily promote myself to someone who has an office by booking an unused meeting... Read More >>

Posted May 5, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--April 28, 2008

The boss is a bully? Changing jobs may not be necessary

Q. My supervisor yells at me — a lot. When mistakes are made, she blows up at me, whether they were my mistakes or not. I’ve gone to human resources. They said they’d let her boss know about the situation. Nothing has changed. I hate being treated this way, and it’s affecting my personal life big time. Maybe I should just quit, but the job market is tight and it might be the same someplace else. Do you have any ideas for me?

A. Bullies at work,... Read More >>

Posted April 28, 2008 Comments 2 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--April 21, 2008

What to do when colleague seems to take too much credit

Q. A colleague and I co-lead many activities in our team, and generally we work together OK. However, he tends to take more credit for our accomplishments than I think is fair. How should I handle this?

A. Feeling shorted on recognition? In most situations, there’s enough to go around, so build your skills in attracting recognition from others.

The inner game
Start with inner steps to clarify your working relationship with your colleague and lay the... Read More >>

Posted April 21, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--April 14, 2008

Caught between her boss and her client, and not sure why

Q.  My company asked me to soothe an important but difficult client who had been neglected for some time. After an officially approved and successful meeting during which I listened to the client’s concerns and promised to bring them to higher-level managers (without making any specific promises), my managers have adamantly ordered me to not contact him again. Moreover, they refuse to discuss the situation. The client is very unhappy, and my reputation is tarnished. What... Read More >>

Posted April 14, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--April 7, 2008

Constant carping can be turned into positive interaction

Q. One of my team members often comes into my office with complaints about other team members, the way we do things, just about anything. His opinions don’t seem broadly held, but he does bring down morale. How can I turn him into a source of solutions?

A. Constant complaints eat a lot of energy, for both complainer and listener. They also create a negative environment that can affect everyone. However, with planning, most people can be turned around to become constructive... Read More >>

Posted April 7, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Rebuilding Trust Can Take Time And A Firm Commitment

Coach's Corner--March 31, 2008

Q. Yikes! I’ve really damaged a relationship that is important to my career success. I’ve apologized and made a commitment to improve the relationship (in person) — can you suggest additional ideas for rebuilding trust going forward?

A.  Rather than an on-off switch, authentic trust is a dynamic relationship between people that can be restored through communication and effort. Moreover, a trusting relationship recognizes the risk that it can be broken... Read More >>

Posted March 31, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--March 24, 2008

Q. I’m a micromanager and am having trouble letting go. What should I do?

A.  If you know (or suspect) that you’re a micromanager and want to change, you need to understand why you’re micromanaging and develop skills to allow your team to produce while you focus on leading.

The inner game
Whether you’re a star performer who was promoted to management or you’re managing in a new area where you haven’t done the work yourself,... Read More >>

Posted March 24, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--March 17, 2008

Introverts Can Thrive Building One Relationship At A Time

Q. I’m an introvert who has taken a job in a new, extroverted company. I’ve been successful in past positions, but now I’m getting feedback that my style isn’t effective and that I’m not fitting in with the team. I’d like to make this position work. What steps should I take?

A. Introverts are a minority in the United States, and their workplace style is often undervalued. In an organization where extroverts are dominant, it can be challenging... Read More >>

Posted March 17, 2008 Comments 1 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--March 10, 2008

How does a manager move a team forward after layoffs?

Q. Our organization has undergone significant changes, including layoffs, in the past several months. The changes took their toll on staff morale and productivity. How can I help people adjust to the new realities to get things back on track?  

A. It’s a cliché that the only thing worse than being laid off is being one of the survivors.   Yet, the impact on everyone left in the organization is substantial, and when the emotional side is neglected,... Read More >>

Posted March 10, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner: March 3, 2008

Take steps to overcome uneasiness around executives

Q. I am in a new role that requires significant interaction with executives, and I’m not very comfortable with rubbing shoulders with CEOs and other C-level executives at this point. Besides the usual acknowledgement that we all put our pants (or pantyhose) on one leg at a time, how can I become less intimidated and more at ease?  

A. Many of us have felt as if we’re looking up at people at the executive level — not a comfortable position. One way to... Read More >>

Posted March 3, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--February 25, 2008

Overcoming conflict to build teamwork starts with communication

Q. I have responsibility for a large new project. Several departments that don’t usually work well together will have to collaborate for the project to succeed. What should I do in the kickoff meeting to get this project off to a good start?  

A. Problems in organizations often arise when workers don’t get along. Your key is to bring the team together in a way that allows them to leave past conflicts behind. This is simple, but not easy. First, get yourself... Read More >>

Posted February 25, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--February 18, 2008

New position will require new skill set to ensure success

Q. I will be moving to a new position in my department that will provide more leadership opportunities and accountability for a broader portfolio of work. What should I be keeping in mind as I change jobs within the same environment so that I set myself up for success?  

A. As your question shows, you know that the same skills that helped you succeed in your current role are likely not the same ones you’ll need in your new position.

What is a leader?
The first... Read More >>

Posted February 18, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Coach's Corner--February 11, 2008

Driven to distraction at work? Some tips on how to take a new route

Q: I really like my job and the kind of work I do, but I'm undisciplined when it comes to creating structure and following routine. (It doesn't help that I work in a cube farm and am a sitting duck for interruptions and distractions.) As a result, I often lose track of things I'm supposed to do and find myself scrambling at the last minute. Any ideas about how to build more disciplined work habits?

A: It sounds as if you're caught in the habit of letting your agenda be set by whatever... Read More >>

Posted February 11, 2008 Comments 1 Additional Resources

Your Email Coach

Always Learning

Every day brings surprises.  We expect one outcome and get another.  Decisions that are supposed to have one result have a whole set of unintended consequences.  When this occurs, how often do you resist what has happened, and protest (in your mind or out loud) that it wasn't supposed to go that way?

What if you look at it differently?  What if you consider that what happened is exactly what was supposed to happen?  Then every event becomes an equal opportunity... Read More >>

Posted January 7, 2008 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Your Email Coach

What's New?

Creativity is one of the most highly valued characteristics around, bringing a sense of playfulness and fun, helping solve tough problems, opening possibilities that hadn't been previously seen, and generating ways to involve people in their lives and work in new ways.  It can also seem to be an elusive attribute, the domain of artists and others for whom creativity seems to come naturally. However, everyone has the germ of creativity, and you can create the conditions needed for your... Read More >>

Posted December 17, 2007 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Your Email Coach

In Praise Of Single-Tasking

Checking email during meetings.  Talking on the phone while driving.  Working at home, and juggling home at work.  Multi-tasking is the mode of the day.  So often we have more than one thing we're doing...and do they all get done well, thoroughly, and with the attention they deserve?  My observation is that things get done better when they get done one at a time.  So I'll ask you,

     What happens when you focus?

What is it like... Read More >>

Posted November 19, 2007 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Your Email Coach

Have You Heard The One About...

Lots of us lead very serious lives.  We're serious about our jobs, serious about our kids, and take ourselves very, very seriously.  We're even serious about our fun!  And many people think that this is the way to get things done--that seriousness equals dedication.  Sadly, though, it is often believed that laughter is frivolous, and that if you're laughing and having a good time, that you don't care and must not be getting the right things done.

What if that isn't... Read More >>

Posted November 5, 2007 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Your Email Coach

Vanquishing Procrastination

It can be easy to put things off.  Hard tasks, mundane tasks, unpleasant tasks.  Having a conversation with someone about a challenging situation or cleaning up a particularly unpleasant mess.  For many of us, the inner procrastinator emerges! 

With procrastination, inner pressure grows.  The longer the list of deferred items, the greater the inner clutter.  And, as you have probably experienced, it becomes an energy drain.  That's why it is worth... Read More >>

Posted October 1, 2007 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Your Email Coach

Helping Others Grow

After a lifetime of only skating forward, it was time to learn to skate backward and to stop (without falling down or holding onto a wall).  So, when the kids went back to school, I started skating school!  I went in nervous, excited, jittery, fussing about my equipment, looking forward to it, wondering if I'd look silly--just about every emotion took its turn.  And, to be honest, I thought this edition of Your Email Coach would be about growth, new challenges, etc. 
... Read More >>

Posted September 5, 2007 Comments 0 Additional Resources

Your Email Coach

Achieving and Maintaining Zest

I had lunch recently with someone who told me a familiar story. Work isn't terrible, but it isn't great, either.  Every day is draining, and there is little that is inspiring.  Many of us are experiencing that in our work lives, regardless of our industry or role.  Even worse, it can seem impossible to change.  However, you have a right to zest in your life, and it is achievable!
It's true that changing careers and major overhauls of direction are not possible at a... Read More >>

Posted August 6, 2007 Comments 0 Additional Resources