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RCC has developed a series of workshops that are designed to build the skills you need to flourish in changing business environments. These workshops range from personal branding to communication skills to innovation. Check back for new workshops, or contact us for information on developing custom workshops targeted to your specific needs.

Current offerings include:

Being...Your Best Brand
Bring together your authentic self and how you present yourself in your professional and personal lives. (more…)

A Leader in More than Name
All too frequently, people are promoted into leadership roles, but lack the skills of a leader: the ability to inspire and motivate others. (more…)

Thriving in Times of Change
For many of us, change is stressful, even if we know it leads us where we want to go. It is especially challenging if we are not in control of the changes that affect us. (more…)

Great Question!
Effective communication is at the heart of the skills for any professional. The Great Question! workshop provides a quick way to increase the listening and inquiry skills you need to build successful relationships with teammates and customers. (more…)

Team Collaboration Initiative
Strong teams demonstrate excellent communication skills and ability to work together. This workshop focuses on developing effective teams by improving communication and collaboration among its members. (more…)

Performance Management
Learning effective performance management skills is key to being a successful manager. When well executed, it creates a workplace where people are clear on expectations and able to deliver. This four session program provides training on conducting appraisals, supporting and planning development, giving performance feedback, and proactive coaching.

Destroying the Sense of "Impossibility"
Innovation depends on seeing possibilities that seem impossible and finding a way to achieve them. In this process, individuals encounter barriers, both internal and external. As the barriers are removed, opportunities for innovation can flourish. (more…)

Imagination, Intention, and Creation
Occupying the realm between pure imagination and the manifestation of vision, intention provides the mechanism by which goals are achieved. (More…)